Welcome to Knife Etching. This is the best place to get your custom knife etching stencils made. 

I have been making knife etching stencils for people all over the world for several years now. I have made custom blade etching stencils for customers across all 5 continents and countries including the USA, England, Australia, Spain, France, Sweeden, India, China, South Africa and many many more!

Once I had made my first knife I was incredibly proud, but I wanted a way to get my own markers-mark to show off the blade. I really struggled to find clear information online, that was easy to understand. After hours or research and practising, I was super proud of the progress I made, and after showing to friends and groups online I got flooded with requests to make them, so I made this website.

stencils used by bladesmiths worldwide
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Made in England
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